1. Networking with other SRSI members

Be part of a network of Spanish researchers working in Ireland.

  1. Opportunities to develop your career

We offer national and international networking, and many volunteering opportunities.

  1. Support to grow links with international research institutions

Get in touch with Spanish and Irish research bodies.

  1. Disseminate your research

Participate in our science talks, forums, and science communication events.

  1. Discounts for members and travel grants

Get special deals for activities and events organized by SRSI, get travel grants for Conferences.

0 €
Become a friend-free member if you live in Spain or another country outside Ireland and want to keep in touch with SRSI. Also for Spanish visiting students or staff who will be in Ireland for less than six months.
Associate Plan
15 €
Become an associate member if you are a non-Spanish researcher in Ireland. Also for Spanish professionals settled in Ireland whose primary work activity does not involve research.
Premium Plan
30 €

Become a Premium member if your nationality is Spanish, your primary work is Research either in industry or academia and you currently live and work or study in the Ireland.


Requirements to Become a Member

In order to become a member, please make sure you fulfil the following:

  • You must be over 18 years of age
  • Spanish Nationality is a must to become a member
  • Everyone must be related to research/scientific work/activity.
Steps to become a member
  1. Please, fill in the form below to be a member
  2. In order to formalise your application, you need to make an electronic payment of 30 EUR to cover the Society annual fee (15 EUR if you are a PhD student or unemployed). *The payment will be fully refunded if application is denied.


SRSI network has received a strong support from the Embassy of Spain in Ireland, and Fundación Ramon Areces.